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Skool Loop provides FREE school websites and school apps that speak to each other, designed for streamlining school communication.

We work with over 1000 schools in NZ and Australia ,

We provide beautiful, popular bespoke school websites and school apps that speak to each other, designed for streamlining school communication.    

We are a free service for schools! Reliable, secure and stylish school websites and apps.

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We have a website and app package for every school in NZ.
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Your School Gets: 

Premium Design for a Memorable Experience

Enhance the visual appeal and create a lasting impression with our premium design for your school website and app.

Easy Content Management 

Streamline the process of adding new content to your website and app use the services of our content team , just email the new content and it’simply and quickly uploaded for you.

Live Visitor Analytics 

Monitor and analyze website and app visitors with real-time feedback.

Email Newsletters for Community Engagement 

Create and send attractive newsletters from your school app syncing directly with your school website.

Integrated School Communication Tools

Integrate your school communication tools such as SMS, payment systems, class blogs, calendars, and more.

Online Payments

Link your payment platform to your website allowing parents to connect to your payment portal without fuss.

Seamless App and Website Integration 

Save time on administrative tasks by seamlessly syncing data between your app and website.

5-Star Customer Support 

Benefit from our high-quality customer support provided by our New Zealand-based team.

From Start To Finish

In 2-3 weeks    

We pride ourselves on offering a fast service, we work collaboratively to get your website and app live within 2-3 weeks. Having worked with over 1500 schools in NZ and Australia, we have developed a tailored and effective approach to creating websites and school apps.  

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Multi-language App

We are a multi-language app offering translations between English, German and Mandarin.

Our Schools

We cater to schools outside of New Zealand, including Australia and Fiji.